Friday, 4 August 2028


Nature is weird

The coolest top 10 chart!

... the one of newly discovered species



Before, they were cool

The brighter side of famous mass murderers

Time Travel

The golden rules of time travel - apart from "don't kill your grandfather", which you probably already know (unless your grandfather is Hitler, in this case do kill the mutherfucker!)

Short Treatise on Speciesism

On the tough issue of what living organisms is it morally safe to eat


How not to love your children

The paedophile's dream job and why child porn should be legal

Haven't those people who draw floating cities heard of the laws of physics?

How could it work? It's either resting on long pillars, hanging from above or somehow supressing gravity.
Read now and get a bonus solution that involves all the nukes in the world!

I don't always write film reviews...

But when I do, it's about something epic

Hugo in 3D FTW

Strange beasts (and big ones, too)

Do you know which are the bigest animals on earth by most definitions? Some contestants are definitely weirder than what our planet would wish to admit

Funny in the Head

Modern society, with it's complex machines and speeding cars generates a constant supply of damaged brains attached to intact bodies, which reveal some interesting phenomena

Politics - dirty business or science

The difference between the right and the left and what is libertarianism

The MADness of nuclear disarmament

Could the world actually be a better place is the US and Russia are armed to the teeth with nukes?

Time management is no joke

How to get shit done instead of wasting time reading stuff on the internet

Botnet wars

On the zombie hordes that are filling your inbox with spam


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